dib.one - the non-custodial way to trade, invest or hedge

Trade any derivative.

The non-custodial way to trade, invest or hedge.

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Any product

Create your own decentralised derivative products or start trading directly. Buy or sell gold, oil, company stocks, cryptocurrencies, derivatives and more complicated financial products.


Everything is secure & decentralised! Our system is audited by the world's leading security specialists and as we work without middlemen, there is no risk of funds being stolen from us.


There are no withdrawal fees and restrictions. You stay in control of your own funds. Just install Metamask, find a product you are interested in, decide on the risk you are willing to take and start trading.
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First Distributed Investment Bank is an open trading platform for virtually all derivatives.

Platform of free

Trade every asset, derivative or index that you can imagine! Set your parameters, pick your data-feed solution, find a counterparty and let blockchain take care of the rest.

No utility tokens

We don't require you to buy a useless utility token for trading on our platform. Trade with any token you like!

Ideal for derivatives

Create your own index or portfolio and make complex orders and spread trades. The ERC721o is secure, ERC721x backwards compatible and easily tradeable on other platforms.
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How it works

Choose a wallet
Metamask, LedgerX, Opium Wallet or even messenger.
Step 1
Connect wallet
You keep control of your funds. Dib.one is a non custodial platform and that's why you need to use a wallet.
Step 2
Start trading
Invest your money or make a trade.
Step 3
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Built on Opium protocol

Virtually all derivatives

If derivative can be described it can be traded on DIB. We have futures, options, CDSs, CDOs and many more...

Virtually any price source

If price source and oracle logic can be described it can be used by DIB.

Combined orders

Orders can be executed in a combination with each other "all or nothing". Spread orders also can be send for execution.


Make portfolios out of tokens or other portfolios. Required for professional portfolio management and trading of combined orders. Set of positions can be managed in the portfolios.

Friendly to other protocols

Built on Opium Protocol. ERC-721o standard provides backward compatible trading functions. Friendly to other DeFi protocols.
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